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Apparently, the “about me” section of a website is supposed to be a kind of static interview of sorts, where I try to anticipate the answers to your unheard questions…hmmmm.

Is it ironic that I spend a lot of my time writing and drawing comics about myself, and I’m having trouble figuring out what to tell you about myself?


Anyway, the best way to figure out who I am, and what I’m about is to wander around the site. Read some funnies. I’m really more honest in those than I could possibly be in any sort of…whatever this might be. Also, take a look at the variety of work that I’ve been doing for my clients. It pretty well runs the gamut, low-fi, to high tech, static to wiggly, not-for-profit to big business. I like to work on a little of everything…

If you’re short on time, or to speed up the process, I’ve posted some testimonials from some folks who know me very well, and a few clients for whom I’ve had the very personal honor to work with.

Feel free to contact me, all of the info’s below. Even if you decide that I can’t help you with your project, I’m usually up for a chat.




“Tall.” –Keesha Davis

“He’s probably a dude…” –Brad McGinty

“He once made his own ketchup.” –Danny Bresnahan

“He’s an alright kind of guy?” –Frankie Cummings, Sister


“Have you ever seen that movie ‘LIMITLESS’? He’s like that, minus a raging drug addiction. He has styles upon styles upon styles.” –Jason Bradham

“B’s a hulking Peter Pan drawn like an uncircumsized dick. Fighting a war between the responsible and the sophomoric, he’s armed with a pen and a sketchbook, and working it out…one day at a time.” –Big Head.


“He made a fantastic logo for my Brewery Tap Room project.” –Monty Haltiner, Full Monty Brewing Co.

“I gave Bryan my idea for a logo. He not only did what I asked for, he improved it, made it way better than I had hoped for. Thank you.” –Ed Henderson, Web Man Walking

“Bryan Wade is a talented professional, and always a pleasure to work with. Each project that he has participated in has been much improved by his input, dedication, and creativity. Bryan has taken ownership of every project we have had an opportunity to involve him in, and has always left it much improved by his prompt actions and artist’s insight, even when faced with tight deadlines. I do not hesitate to recommend Bryan and his work, and feel that his abilities and experience will never fail to add exceptional value to any effort he is involved in.” — Stephen Sandrik, Nuclear Decommissioning Report


3023 Milburn Drive
Grand Junction, Colorado 81504


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